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5S  league is our first and successful league which was conducted with a lot of effort from our management team.It is a great opportunity for your company to engage in team building activities while getting your competitive juices flowing and your heart rate up! It is also a great chance to network in a fun, relaxed environment where the focus is on the game and having fun and not the exchange of business cards.

Think team sports are just for kids? Most adults work all day sitting at a desk and need an outlet to be active and reduce stress. Participating in a sport can reduce stress, provide positive social relationships, and increase physical fitness levels.

You don’t need an athletic background to enjoy getting out on the field once a week to meet, greet and compete with others in your industry. Join with one of the companies that play sports with the us every year.

Happy Sporting..!!!

2017 Apr 08   Karnataka

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Semi-Final 1
Semi-Final 2

Chennai Crusaders

Chennai Crusaders dft Spin and Speed
2-3 3-0 3-2 3-1

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