5S works with leading software development companies and engages the best talent to develop the software that makes a real difference to the world of organized sporting. We are the exclusive commercial licensees of iPlayOn software, developed using state of the art database and web technologies. All of iPlayOn apps are supported by 5S team and we are in the forefront of defining, creating and deploying the best web or mobile application to run and manage your sport. 5S is also the exclusive licensee of iPlayOn's unique and most versatile analytics software.
5S owns commercial and deployment licenses of the following software modules -

  • Generic sports application creator software which integrates with iPlayOn database. The integration is done through the latest technologies of API keys and offers one of the best data access protection to our clients who deploy the web application. Whether you are a state/federal body, independent sport organizer or a corporate who runs sporting events annually - our web app creator is your perfect run-way to launch your program in a great way!
  • Event management stack of iPlayOn, which contains the following functionalities -
    • Tournament / league announcement along with event information.
    • Entry management system, which contains player interface, entry consolidation, deadlines and other functions.
    • Entry fee management system.
    • Flexible draws system - supports seed based draws, random draws, interactive draws and fully referee managed draws.
    • Result keying and automatic winner propagation.
    • Social media connection stack - integrated with facebook, twitter and Instagram.
    • Press and electronic media connection stack with integrated email interface.
  • iPlayOn 'Coach' application. In this age, where there is a true shortage of talented and committed coaches, this application helps players link with the coaches and setup group or individual programs to assign, track and plan together. The Coach is a great medium to be connected with your coach in any part of the world. It is just your own creativity that limits what you can do with the coach app. Be part of the exciting new dimension of digital sport coaching!
  • iPlayOn 'Player' application is a popular app that allows the player to connect with the events coming up, live updates or records of past events. It is a great interface that allows you to login to the world of sport and get updates at the push of a button. Get this app, and find new avenues to play your sport

Features of iPlayOn (

The iPlayOn software platform brings in unprecedented transparency and ease into sports event management system apart from -
• Creating and building player database, tracking each player’s performance throughout their career
• Creating and tracking coaches’ contribution by linking their students’ performances
• Automatically building academy track record
• Enhancing visibility of academies and enabling for futuristic and enriching activities such as student or coach exchange programs
• Publishing events and event updates (leagues, tournaments and any other form of sport competition) to relevant players, coaches and academies automatically
• Recording, registering and managing event participations, draws, results digitally in a secure manner

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