• Analytics



    Analytics is not new in sports. We, as viewers have seen umpteen statistics, graphic analytics and tables and matrices as we watched cricket, badminton, tennis, table tennis, kabaddi and any other recognized sport you may name. There is another dimension to analytics, a set of indicators and numbers used by professional sports person, across the world, not only to enhance their skills but also to study and analyze their competition to strategize their next games. 5S is active in both sides of analytics

    Analytics for professional sportsman

    Every country that has excelled in sports knows today that it can do very little without analyzing the game of their own player and their competition. If you have a tough tournament coming up, get yourself analyzed. If you have a tough match coming up, talk to us and we will help you with a multi-dimensional report to derive what your tactics should be. Analytics for a sportsperson is a private affair. Our experts team will work with you to come up with the intricacies of what your analytic report should contain, then we are ready to go! A well designed analytic engagement for a long term would surely set your path to a never-before success! Write to analytics@goto5s.com to dig into our wealth of analytics power and consulting to make the best plan for your sporting career.

    Analytics for viewers

    You may be -

    • A website owned by a news publisher or by a state/federal sports body
    • A sport event organizer
    • A school/college/corporate or other institution

    Talk to us to setup a digital report of your sport event, with matches of interest analyzed using our unique analytics software and our unprecedented services. Enrich the experience of your players and viewers by enabling them in the digital world! Write to analytics@goto5s.com to get into the powerful world of analytics

  • Organise



    5S is in the business of managing sports events. We are the pioneers of IT driven sport management. We cover professional sport, corporate sport, a school sport competition or an event organized in your neighbourhood to promote a sport or to just have fun! Let's explain how a typical engagement with 5S could happen for your next sporting event -

    You plan your next sport event

    • You connect with 5S to promote, conduct and manage your event digitally
    • 5S uses various digital media depending on the nature of engagement and promotes your sport event
    • As entries are gathered through our app and the day of the event comes, Team 5S sets into action and runs all the back-office activities. We aim for paperless operation, and strive for our drive to go green
    • Our technology automatically broadcasts the progress of your event to all the implemented social media, based on what your engagement with 5S covers
    • As you conclude the event, a comprehensive report with various analytics can be published on your site, if you have engaged us to make a self-managed website
    • You get all accesses to maintain and update your own, simple-to-use, world-class website which sets a digital footprint of your sport event permanently!

    Your objective could be to promote a sport, because you are a state/federal supported body or to conduct periodic events to identify and nurture talents or to run sports for commercial purposes or you may just be running an event to up the morale of your own staff by sponsoring a sports day. Engage with us, and you will make a difference to the players and the fans. Write to organize@goto5s.com to get your event online

  • Specialized coaching


    Specialized coaching

    Every aspiring professional sportsperson needs organized coaching. A field sport, an indoor game or a track event - all of these need specialists to work with the upcoming talented sportsman. Remember that going pro needs a long term planning. You want to excel at 18, better start at the age of 6! This is the order of the day. Specialized coaching consists of all round preparation. It may contain facets which sometimes seem irrelevant, and we have listed a few of them here -

    • training in your own sport
    • mind training
    • coaching on organizing yourself, scheduling your time and tracking your progress [As we all know, if it cannot be measured, it cannot be achieved].
    • fitness, coupled with diet.
    • relaxation techniques

    5S believes in each of these dimensions. We are looking at you from two angles. Are you a pro who can impart your knowledge to an upcoming star? Sign-up as a coach. Install our iPlayOn Coach app and start sharing what you have learnt from others and from your own experience. Make a difference to the world of sport. Are you a budding talent? Proven a bit? Just about starting? You probably have the iPlayOn Player app. Just connect with the best of the coaches who are around in the system. Don't worry if they are near you or far off! Just connect. Exchange with them your thoughts and concerns. Convince them to work on you, and see your progress. You may select a coach in a different part of the world, but nothing seems far because the technology is designed to connect you both seamlessly. Not satisfied? Do you need a specialized camp or a session or a fortnight worth of close attention? Write to us on coaching@goto5s.com. We will setup the place and people to take you over to the next level of difficulty in your sport. May be, the trigger is enough to take you a few notches above in your own performance. Get organized, get better.

  • Live Services

    Live Services

    Live Services

    5S provides live services and we provide you a live presence in the digital world. We beam your event live on the net. We update live scores, results and even reports laced with analytics. You could engage in live services whether you are running the event on our technology platform or even otherwise. Go live, connect with your fans and feed their hunger with the info that they are waiting to consume. Manage, promote, go live and increase the popularity of your own event! 5S is available for assistance.

  • IT for Sports


    IT for sports

    5S provides a complete range of IT services to you. We can start with building your custom web portal and mate it with your own avatar of the mobile app. Of course, needless to say that we will build your social media pages and link all your coordinates together. Our IT platform strings up all the events right from registration of players for the event of interest, update messages, consolidation of entries, fees and payment tracking, draws, match results and tournament or league report. We build your IT for your sport. 5S has all the required building blocks and our talented IT team is available for your services to understand your needs, suggest the best fit and implement it to take your event live and provide your players and fans with the best experience ever. Our differentiator is our IT. Our IT is enriched by our knowledge of the sport event management. We are 5S - the pioneers in IT for sport! To avail our services, write to it@goto5s.com

  • School Programs


    School Programs

    Ideally, our schools program starts with a summer camp. The camp initiates the kids to the sport well. It is well structured, spread over 4 to 6 weeks depending on school preference and runs in two sessions per day for 5 days a week. The sessions build love for the sport, self-confidence and a certain degree of skill in each kid. Typical activities of the camp are -

    1. Creation of kid profile on our IT system
    2. Fitness assessment, skill assessment and personal profile documentation
    3. Basic introduction to the sport
    4. Fitness improvement program through personal fitness recommendation and diet charts
    5. Published documents on skill graph of individual players
    6. Advanced game analytics

    ... KNOW MORE