5S is an IT based sport management company. We are connected with sports that live the spirit of 5 'S' in them - Stamina, Speed, Strength, Spin & Skill

We are just about starting offering our services to you, but our IT has been developing and in usage for few years now. The vision of 5S was started by a few sports enthusiasts from different walks of life - promoters, parents of professional sports kids, coaches and IT technologists. We took little time to formulate what we can do to enhance the experience of the players and the fans, and make the job of the organizers orders of magnitude easier. We roped in the right people and setup the best panel possible to incorporate a company - 5S - that can make a difference to the world of sport. We differentiate ourselves from run-of-the-mill event organizers in more than one way. We are sport lovers and we understand the crux of a sporting event. We have people who have made their life through sport with us, on our advisory, in our executive and in our field presence. Our IT people are among the best you can find, people who have created sophisticated software for decades, have authored new papers, filed inventions and procured hard-earned patents. We are nothing but the best team in the world, that can do this job of digitally managing your sport, not just one event - but its entire trail forever.
Meet our most active and meaningful members. These experts have shaped our IT personnel and our software strategy into what it is today. These are wonderful sportsmen and we take pride in associating with them.

Sport Specialists and Advisors

Achanta Sharath Kamal

Aloysius Sagayaraj

Harsha Eswaraiah

Achanta Sharath Kamal

3-time Olympian, 7-time National champion, arguably one the greatest players India has ever produced, a true legend of the game in India,is a professional table tennis player from Tamil Nadu, India.[4] His current world rank is 43, as of July, 2017

Strategic Advisors

B S Manjunath

Prasad Jamadagni

Girish Kamath

B S Manjunath

Mr. Manjunath is having over 22 years of IT experience. He is very well known in the corporate world as an excellent cricketer and a true sports lover. He also continues to work on fitness and loves table tennis and supports and promotes the game at every given opportunity !